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GPI specializes in significant non-controlling equity investments

GPI (Global Partnership Investing) focuses on making large scale, long-term strategic investments across a broad range of industries globally. GPI specializes in significant minority, non-controlling stakes (generally 2% to 20% ownership), with single investments typically ranging between US$100 million to US$500 million, made to finance transformational initiatives in both privately-held late-stage firms and in publicly-traded companies.

GPI works constructively with entrepreneurs, families, boards of directors and management teams to enable strategic, operating and financial plans which significantly enhance business prospects and therefore drive shareholder value creation. The GPI team has extensive experience in this type of investment across the Americas, Asia and Europe, in sectors including financial services, technology/telecom, consumer and industrials. GPI also seeks to invest in partnership with consortiums of long-term, high quality investors.


Why partner with GPI?

Long-term investment horizon

  • Enables companies to make long term decisions around building the business and mitigate the negative impact of market volatility
  • Ability to hold and add to private investments post an IPO
  • Investments views anchored on long-term growth potential and cash-flow generation

Supportive of management

  • Supportive minority partner that does not seek to control or operate the business
  • Experience in forming consortiums from a network of high quality, like-minded institutions
  • Seeks to appoint independent directors to contribute industry, geographic or other expertise to company boards

Industry, geographic and structuring expertise

  • Core expertise in financials services, tech/telecom, consumer and industrials
  • Team track record of investing globally across developed and emerging markets
  • Bespoke structured solutions that meet partner goals and incentivize management teams

Rapid investment process

  • Focused research and due diligence process
  • Typical process of 6 to 8 weeks from initiation to binding commitment
  • Greater transaction certainty

How does GPI invest?

US$100 million to US$500 million equity investments

up to 20% ownership

Private solutions

  • Investments in private companies en route to an IPO
  • Growth acceleration
  • M&A sponsorship
  • Shareholder transition
  • Balance sheet recapitalization
  • Seeking institutional validation
    • Valuation
    • Governance
  • Liquidity

Public Solutions

  • Investments in publicly-traded companies
  • Support for major strategic, financial or operating initiatives:
    • Consolidation
    • Organic growth
    • Capital structure optimization
    • Shareholder transition
    • Recapitalization

Special situations

  • Bespoke solutions designed to meet partner goals
  • Equity-like securities with structured cost of capital and liquidity
  • Royalties, special purpose vehicles, and other non-vanilla securities tailored to unique needs

Meet the senior team

William Royan

Managing Partner and CIO

William Royan is the Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer of GPI and is a member of the

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François-Bernard Poulin


François-Bernard Poulin is a Partner of GPI and a member of the Investment Committee. Previously, he joined BTG

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Khai Ha


Khai Ha is a Partner of GPI and a member of the Investment Committee. Khai joined GPI from

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Alex Migon


Alex Migon is a Partner of GPI and a member of the Investment Committee. Alex joined GPI from

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